3A folk costume blouse

Photo: Anne-Lise Reinsfelt Norsk Folkemuseum – digitaltmuseum.no NF.1992-2490 – cc by-sa.

Beautiful embroidery. A folk costume blouse (female) from Sauherad, Telemark, Norway. From before 1879 – made from linen and wool.

2On their way to church

Photo: Anders Beer Wilse – digitaltmuseum.no DEX_W_00067 – cc by.

Four girls in their folk costumes from Setesdal. The photo is hand-coloured and taken in 1934 – somewhere in Aust-Agder, Norway.

1Norwegian folk costume from Setesdal, Agder

Photo: Anders Beer Wilse – digitaltmuseum.no DEX_W_00232 – CC BY.

Mouth-harp-maker and musician Mikkjel Kåvenes (1872-1939), posing in his folk costume from Setesdal, Agder, Norway in 1934. Hand-coloured photo.