1A great sense of humour

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-045 – public domain.

Look at the two men smiling. I have a feeling they are joking with the photographer. – A Sami sleigh – and a young cow (calf) wearing the harness – instead of a reindeer. I wonder if the calf would get very far with a heavy load in the snow. The location is Sirma, Tana, Finnmark, Norway. Hand-coloured photo.


Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitalmuseum.no FBib.01005-028 – Public domain.

Haymaking, the Sami way. Probably lifted from the ground so that the animals can not get to it. The structure is called a «luovvi» – and is also used for the storage of food etc. Kautokeino, Finnmark, Norway.

3On the move

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-062 – Public domain.

Karen V travelling with her reindeer in Finnmark, Norway. Hand-coloured photo.

4An island well

Photo: Robert Collett – nb.no – Public domain.

A young man sitting in front of a well on Tamsøya, an island off the coast of Finnmark, Norway.

5Establishing camp

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-052 – Public domain.

Man and woman – feeding the dogs. Finnmark, Norway. Hand-coloured photo.


Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-077 – Public domain.

Coffee-break by the fire. Peder Vesterfjell and his family in Vefsn, Nordland, Norway. Hand-coloured photo.

7A proud people – with good reason

Photo: Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-070 – Public domain.

Henrik Sara, his wife, two daughters and a third girl outside their tent. Mikkel Bonga with the pipe. Cedar’s mine, Badderen in Kvænangen, Troms, Norway.

8Handcraft based on millennia-old traditions

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-056 – Public domain.

Group of women and children – probably from the Swedish side of the border. The baby is strapped in a «komse». From Finnmark, Norway. Hand-coloured photo.

9Around the fire

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-071 – Public domain.

Family around the fire in a log cabin in Finnmark, Norway.

10Travelling through the landscape

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-089 – Public domain.

Man and woman travelling with their reindeer in Kautokeino, Finnmark, Norway. Hand-coloured photo.

11At home

Photo: Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01006-016 – Public domain.

A young girl outside her home in Troms, Norway.

12Securing the food

Photo: Alf Schrøder co – digitaltmuseum.no FBib.01005-001 – Public domain.

A group of women harvesting potatoes in Finnmark, Norway. The Norwegians started to grow potatoes from around the year 1800 and onwards.

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